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A Los Angeles businesswoman, known only by her street name of Princess, turns to prostitution to support herself and her young daughter when she's forced by Detective Tom Walsh and his vice squad to help them arrest a brutal pimp named Ramrod for the murder of a prostitute named Ginger. But when Ramrod learns that he was set up, he escapes from police custody and begins a long night of tracking down Princess while Walsh and his vice squad are always one step behind him.
With Christmas coming up a family friend asked me about a film which he remembered seeing on TV in the late &#39;80s.Checking online,I was disappointed to find no sign of a DVD or Video of the movie.Talking to a DVD seller,I was pleased to discover that they had recently tracked down an uncut version of the title,which led to me getting ready to uncover the vices of the squad.<br/><br/>The plot:<br/><br/>Falling in love with her violent pimp Ramrod,Ginger decides to give him a second chance.Get his hands on Ginger,Ramrod beats Ginger up and kills her.With Ramrod having been involved in a number of cases,the police have been trying to arrest him for a long time,but nothing has ever stuck.Spotting Ginger&#39;s friend Princess working on the streets,an undercover cops gets Princess to offer him a service,which leads to her getting arrested.<br/><br/>Expecting to be put behind bars,Princess is horrified to be shown the dead body of Ginger by police officer Tom Walsh.Desperate to get revenge,Princess agrees with Walsh&#39;s plans to work undercover,so that Ramrod can be caught in the act.Catching Ramrod&#39;s eyes at a club,Princess gets Ramrod to let his guard down,and take her to a place where they can get more intimate.Secretly following and recording their conversation,Walsh goes to arrest Ramrod as he starts to threaten Princess.Putting the handcuffs on Ramrod,Walsh &amp; Princess soon discover that this is a ram who wont give up.<br/><br/>View on the film:<br/><br/>Inspired by real events taking place on the streets of Hollywood,the screenplay by Sandy Howard/Kenneth Peters &amp; Robert Vincent O&#39;Neill taking a refreshingly non-judgemental view of the prostitutes in the movie,with Princess being shown as a strong-minded,caring women who is determined to not having to rely on any man.Along with the black market,the writers give the cops fight to catch Ramrod a tough,to the bone mood,which goes from Ramrod killing anyone that stands in his way,to Walsh and his fellow cops pushing street hustlers to spill info on Ramrod&#39;s activities.<br/><br/>Filmed on location,director Gary Sherman &amp; cinematographer John Alcott (who also did Kubrick&#39;s 2001) hit the violence (which was cut by 6 minutes by the BBFC in the UK) with an unflinching fury, as the on location filming gives the title a deep murky atmosphere,as Walsh&#39;s bullets fly across the screen and Ramrod&#39;s punches landing with a real thud.Whilst treating the cops on the beat police work in a blunt manner,Sherman also displays a sly sense of humour,as the cops find themselves facing a kung-fu fighter,whilst one of Princess clients rises from the dead.<br/><br/>Along with singing the catchy title track, Wings Hauser gives a blistering performance as Ramrod,with Hauser&#39;s burning red ravaged eyes making Ramrod a psychopath who has long passed his breaking point.Filmed as she was facing a divorce and custody battle with Kurt Russell, Season Hubley gives an excellent performance as Princess,due to Hubley balancing Princess stern,self determination,with an explosive femme fatale brittleness,as Walsh and the squad go after all the vices.
&quot;Princess&quot; (Season Hubley) is what is known as an &quot;outlaw&quot; hooker, meaning that she answers to no pimp. She&#39;s also the mother of an adorable little girl. She agrees to help intense vice detective Tom Walsh (Gary Swanson) trap a particularly evil pimp with the memorable moniker of &quot;Ramrod&quot; (Wings Hauser). Ramrod is a sadist who enjoys mutilating prostitutes, and has the tenacity of The Terminator. When he realizes that Princess set him up, he becomes determined to get revenge. After he makes an escape from the cops, he spends an action-packed night hunting her down.<br/><br/>&quot;Vice Squad&quot; is a solid credit for the under appreciated director Gary A. Sherman. Sherman had already made two excellent fright features, &quot;Raw Meat&quot; and &quot;Dead &amp; Buried&quot;. Loathe to be typecast as a genre director, he took on this project, and does a fine job with it. He gives it great pace and entirely convincing atmosphere. This movie really does immerse its viewers in a seedy L.A. underworld. The characters are often flamboyant but believable. Cinematographer John Alcott gives everything a stylish look. To be sure, the material is plenty sleazy, but that&#39;s entirely the point. The script was written by co-executive producer Sandy Howard, Robert Vincent O&#39;Neill (director of the exploitation classic &quot;Angel&quot;), and &quot;Kenneth Peters&quot;, a pseudonym for a real life L.A. detective who provided all important technical advice.<br/><br/>The violence is as harsh and off putting as it should be, and there&#39;s great curiosity value in discovering the various fetishes and perversions that johns are prone to enjoy.<br/><br/>Hubley is good in the lead role; Princess may take her lumps before the story ends, but she also gives Ramrod a hell of a good fight. Swanson is likewise effective as our hard assed hero. A steady parade of familiar actors play roles big and small: Pepe Serna, Beverly Todd, original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood, Lydia Lei, Kelly Piper, Fred Berry, Michael Ensign, Jonathan Haze, Robert Miano, Stack Pierce, and Cheryl Smith. But the person who leaves the biggest impression is the excellent Hauser, who gives us a creepily charismatic villain for the ages. Furthermore, Wings also entertains us by growling and snarling the ultra catchy rock theme song &quot;Neon Slime&quot;.<br/><br/>This is a gem of a B movie: flashy, trashy, and most certainly *not* dull.<br/><br/>Eight out of 10.

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